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One of my childhood stories growing up, it gave me so much pride in my identity and I thank my mother everyday for giving that to me… My beautiful queen

This story was my life growing up.I even had to pick a fav fairy tale for my feminist media class and i took this one.

omg i had this book and i loved it! <3

One of my ALL-TIME favorite books! The beautiful illustrations, the even more beautiful story. An appreciation of the rich heritage of my African ancestry, a lesson of humility and kindness I learned from, even as a boy, and the type of woman I am attracted to and look for now as a man ;)

I’m not sure if this was Flamenco or something from Latin America (I still need to get better at differentiating Spanish guitar styles) but it was dope nonetheles! Was randomly stopping to say ‘hi” to a friend who lives in the city—before heading to a party I was invited to—who was with her friends in the middle of a non-touristy market square in Catalunya, when these musicians joined us and performed (when offered free drinks as an incentive by my friend and her crew). Late in the video, I join in playing on shaker (percussion) :-)

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